ADHD- Evidence of your strengths!


ADHD is poorly understood despite it being one of the oldest differences in neurotypes in the history of modern psychiatry. It was one of the first recognised “disorders” in the field of mental health as early as the 1902 and stimulant medication was around as early as 1955. Unfortunately most information about ADHD is delivered in a deficit based model. However ADHD’ers can be some of the most incredible passionate, creative, and driven people out there. It is wonderful to see some research confirming the strengths of ADHD’ers. Research shows people with ADHD are often: curious, creative, imaginative, innovative, inventive, great at brainstorming and thinking outside the box as evidenced by the journal articles below!

Additionally, research suggests people with ADHD tend to do well in environments that are stimulating, challenging, busy, fast paced, intrinsically motivating, full of novelty and requiring multitasking. Many people I know who are ADHD’ers are entrepreneurs and business owners, artists and creators and have without realising it created an environment that is perfect for their brain.

So the next time you are criticised or are self-critical remember the evidence of your strengths. I would encourage anyone who needs this evidence to print this out and show it to others and yourself.

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