Monique is an experienced Clinical Psychologist. She works with adults, older adults and teenagers.

Monique specialises in treating trauma, PTSD, complex PTSD and conditions that often co-occur with trauma such as sleep disorders, chronic pain, functional neurological disorders, dissociation, and anxiety and depression.

Monique has an interest in Neurodiversity particularly in women and girls. She works with many neurodiverse clients with ADHD or who are Autistic and has a neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ safe workspace. Monique hosts a podcast with Neuropsychologist Michelle Livock called the Neurodivergent Woman Podcast where we share information on Neurodiversity in Girls and Women as well as interview women about their lived experience of neurodiversity. Monique has lived experience of being Neurodivergent.

Monique practices Neurodiversity Affirming therapy. Neurodiversity Affirming therapy aims to affirm the different neurotype of a neurodivergent person, rather than seeing their neurotype as inherently "bad" or in need of fixing to become neurotypical. It aims for the person to explore their neurodivergent identity and find their own unique strengths.  The Neurodiversity Affirming movement comes from the wider disability movement and is an important therapeutic approach in working with neurodivergent people.

She is also a qualified yoga teacher which she incorporates into holistic approach with clients who request this. Monique has done yoga teacher training in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Gong Yoga.

Monique co-hosts the first Neurodiversity Affirming EMDR Peer Supervision Group  in Australia and is a member of EMDRAA. She served as a committee member of the APS EMDR Therapy and Psychology Interest Group. Her passion is sharing the benefits of EMDR with her community and other professionals and expanding the use of EMDR to those in the community who need it. As part of this Monique is part of the EMDR Trauma Recovery Network and the Disaster Response Network assisting those in the community recovering from disasters. Monique is also an associate member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA)

Monique is a confident speaker and presenter and has presented at

  • Schools
  • Private Practices
  • Kundalini Yoga Teachers Australia and New Zealand
  • An International mental health conference on trauma and resilience, polyvagal theory and chronic pain.
  • On Neurodiversity Affirming Paradigm to the Australian and New Zealand Chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ANZ ACBS).
  • On Compassion Focused Therapy from a Neurodiversity Affirming Perspective at the UQ Compassion Symposium 2022.
  • On Yoga as a Therapeutic Tool for PTSD for the APS EMDR Interest Group

Monique has presented in 2023 at:

  • On Gender Bias in Psychology in Autism and ADHD at the 2023 APS Educational and Developmental Psychology Conference
  • Yellow Ladybugs Autistic Girls and Gender Diverse Students Conference
  • EMDRAA Conference
  • APS Trauma and Neurodiversity Symposium in New Zealand
  • Spectrum Space Symposium in Perth WA

Monique is consulting on the National Autism Strategy in the Diagnosis, Supports and Services Committee.