Divergent Futures

In 2023 Monique Co-Founded the Neurodiversity Affirming training company 'Divergent Futures' with Co-Director Anna Clarke.

Embracing difference is the path forward

Divergent Futures provides education, training, and consulting in the field of Neurodiversity-Affirming practice. We aim to increase strengths-based, holistic and affirming practice with Neurodivergent people by addressing myths and stereotypes, sharing evidence-based resources, and providing webinars and other content that are easily accessible to all therapists.

Webinars Available on Demand at Divergent Futures

Neurodivergent Play: Connecting not Correcting!
Autism, ADHD & Trauma: Treating Trauma Symptoms


Neurodivergence & Sexuality Live Webinar with Dr. Sarah Ashton

LIVE WEBINAR Wed 26th June 6pm-8pm AEST

This workshop will provide students and professionals with research and frameworks to support their neurodivergent clients to have connected, fulfilling sexual experiences. Using a neuro-affirming, trauma-informed lens, we will explore how we can dismantle the neuronormative frameworks around sexual experiences, and consider what sexual connections look like when you have partners with different neurotypes and needs.

Neurodivergence and Grief: Supporting Autistic/ADHD Clients with Loss

Now Available on Demand

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In this two-hour webinar you will learn about how to support autistic and ADHD clients with grief. The training will cover the key theories, concepts, ways which grief may present differently in ND clients, and importantly how to support ND clients with navigating loss in a way that makes sense to them. The webinar will also explore important areas such as non-death loss, grief around post-diagnosis and other life changes, and adapted therapies to use when the grief becomes prolonged or complex. It will include a discussion of case examples, and the opportunity for Q & A.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Defining grief, the different forms and its impact
  • Models of grief
  • Research on Neurodivergence and Grief
  • Understanding different grief responses
  • Busting neuronormative grief expectations
  • Non-death loss, post-diagnosis grief, and pet loss
  • ¬†Supporting Neurodivergent clients with grief
  • Understanding prolonged/traumatic grief
  • Therapies to use for prolonged grief including ND affirming EMDR and schema therapy

About the presenters: Monique Mitchelson and Liam Spicer

Liam Spicer is a Neurodivergent Psychologist, Academic and Researcher based in Tasmania, Australia. He is an EMDR Consultant and Training Facilitator, and works in private practice with children, adolescents, and adults. Liam is actively involved in both training and research in the areas of trauma, grief, suicide, alexithymia, neurodivergence, EMDR, and schema therapy. He recently contributed to the International Handbook of Child and Adolescent Grief, and has published in peer reviewed journal articles. His PHD at Curtin University, Perth is focused on the use of Schema Therapy for Prolonged Grief. He has presented at various national conferences and events, and he currently holds a position at the University of Tasmania teaching clinical psychology skills to students.