ADHD Petition

We have had some great wins for the neurodivergent community in Australia with Ritalin Long Acting being recommended for the PBS for those who have received a diagnosis of ADHD over the age of 18!

Thankyou to ADHD Australia who supported the petition and to everyone who signed and share it! We got to 8000 signatures and wont stop until we get the other options onto the PBS so that people with an adult diagnosis of ADHD get equitable and affordable access to treatment.

Media Coverage

ABC Article

Redlands Bulletin Article

Guest Appearances

The Mental Work Podcast is hosted by Dr Bronwyn Milkins, an early-career psychologist and ADHD'er.

Bron is joined by Clinical Psychologist & Autistic woman, Monique Mitchelson, to unpack how to thrive as a neurodivergent mental health professional. We talk about avoiding burnout as an autistic/ADHDer, finding your tribe, creating a workplace environment that fits your neurodiversity, knowing your executive strengths and weaknesses  and self-acceptance.

Listen to the episode "Practising when you are Neurodivergent" here


Mr A+Podcast with Michael Theo from Love on the Spectrum

This week Mr A+ unpacks what it means to be neurodivergent.

Dr Michelle Livock and Monique Mitchelson, from the Neurodivergent Woman Podcast, join Michael to chat about why the world needs neurodivergent people and how much we've benefited from the skills and abilities of neurodivergent people throughout history.

Listen to the episode "The World is Better thanks to Neurodivergent People" here


Yellow Ladybugs Podcast

Yellow Ladybugs CEO Katie Koullas invites clinical psychologist and Autistic woman Monique Mitchelson onto the podcast. Together, they talk about Monique's experience with being neurodivergent and working within psychology, working towards neuro-affirming practice, her autism identification journey and building a neuro-affirming identity, and the impact of traumas big and small.


Therapists Rising with Dr Hayley Kelly

Season 3: Episode 1: The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur With Monique Mitchelson

Today, Hayley is joined by special guest Monique Mitchelson, Clinical Psychologist working in private practice and host of the Neurodivergent Woman Podcast. Diagnosed in adulthood, Monique shares her journey from diagnosis to advocate and discusses the how her diagnosis has both impacted and amplified her journey towards entrepreneurship. Monique’s story is both touching and inspiring and not to be missed for those of us who identify as neurodivergent, those not yet diagnosed, and everyone else who needs to understand the complexities of living as an ND human.